ANNOUNCE: Version 3.27 and 4.11 A couple of questions

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 1 14:34:45 GMT 2003

At 13:27 01/01/2003, you wrote:
>I just upgraded a RaQ4 and have a couple of questions;
>I would normally execute the following command to stop MailScanner;
>/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner stop
>then check with;
>ps -auxw | grep -i mail
>just to make sure everything has stopped before restarting with;
>/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner start
>However after the upgrade there are a few instances of mailscanner that
>won't shut down, should I just kill them?


>As I host loads of RaQs for customers, is there a way of determining which
>version of MailScanner is running, as sometimes I forget which RaQs have
>been updated? Perhaps something like;
>/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner -V

There isn't at the moment (you need to look for the startup message in the
logs, using something like
         fgrep "Virus Scanner version" /var/log/maillog

If it is installed with RPM, you can of course just do
         rpm -q mailscanner

>Next question, you say the autoupdate script has been changed, can I delete;
>f-prot.autoupdate -> /usr/lib/MailScanner/f-prot-autoupdate
>in the cron.daily directory?

Yes. You should find the new one in the cron.hourly directory.

>Also, when I manually execute;
>I would get an out put similar to;
>FTP address for retrieving files is
>File SIGN.DEF is already up to date.
>File SIGN2.DEF is already up to date.
>File MACRO.DEF is already up to date.
>Nothing to be done.
>so I knew it was working OK but now if I try;
>I don't get any indication of whether it worked or not?

The "check_MailScanner" script isn't the autoupdater, it's the check to
ensure MailScanner is running. You want

Julian Field
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