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Fri Feb 28 13:27:51 GMT 2003

El 27 Feb 2003 a las 20:17, Spicer, Kevin escribió:

> > I'm trying to... but there's a permissions problem that when I try to
> > create a new item it keeps asking me for username/password (as if I 
> > didn't have enough permissions), but it _does_ create the empty entries. 
> You need to 'create a New login' (theres a link on the page that asks for
> your login).  This is easy, you use your email address as the username and
> pick a password.  The system will email you a code which you then ned to
> enter one time only (this is to confirm you have a real email address) 

That's not the problem. I _had_ created the username/password and anyway was 
having the problem. Now I reset the password and still the same, created a 
new login (with another e-mail account) and yet I can't do it.

The specific message is:

The title and options for this item can only be edited by the moderator of 
the item (faq at mailscanner.info)

So it seems to me it has to do with how the permissions are set (e.g. "only 
moderator can add new answers")...
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