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Thu Feb 27 16:36:19 GMT 2003

El 25 Feb 2003 a las 22:43, Spicer, Kevin escribió:

> > At 16:37 25/02/2003, you wrote:
> > >Julian,
> > >    You might want to consider Faq-o-matic for the FAQ 
> > software.  Google
> > >for this for more info.  It would (hopefully) allow people to add to
> > >the FAQ will only minimal moderation from you.
> > 
> > That looks like it might do the trick nicely. I will have a 
> > play with it.
> > 

> I've seen this on a few sites and it seems pretty good - but it does need
> thinking out carefully to make stuff easy to find (I don't recall a search
> facility, but I might be wrong).  I think its an excellent idea, I imagine
It _does_ have a basic search facility... it's quite useful once your faq is 

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