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Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Wed Feb 26 19:17:36 GMT 2003


I have attached a simple program that I created that will monitor the output
of MailScanner logs.  It is a real time monitor, and will give the status of
each MailScanner process.  It is written in perl and uses the Gtk perl
module.  I originally wrote it to get a better idea of what MailScanner was
doing, since watching the log file got too complicated with multiple


*  There are 6 variables at the top of the script that may need changing,
depending on your setup
*  There are several items that I execute external programs for, that could
probably easily be done in straight perl
*  msmon is able to handle things when MailScanner is manually shut down,
and then restarted.  But it has trouble when MailScanner automatically
restarts on its own after 4 hours.  (Julian, Can each process log the fact
that it is stopping when this happens?)
*  msmon does not scale well because the more MailScanner processes you
have, the more screen space it needs.  (I only run with 3 processes here)
*  msmon may not run well if your server has a high cpu load
*  Don't laugh - this is my first gtk program, and I have not done a lot of
perl programming either.
*  Contributions / comments welcome.

msmon works for my MailScanner setup (Exim, Debian (Woody), MailScanner
4.12).  You should be able to get it to work with your setup by changing
variables at the top of the script.  I hope someone else may find this

Again, contributions and comments are welcome.

Jason Desai

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