SpamAssassin 2.50 Problems

Gerry Doris gerry at
Wed Feb 26 18:52:48 GMT 2003

> At 23:44 25/02/2003, you wrote:
>>Ok, I've included portions of a header of a message picked at ramdom
>> from a Redhat list.  Notice that the tests are exactly the same but the
>> scores are totally different.  How can this be?  BTW, I'm running MS
>> 4.12-2.
> Are both calls being done as root? If not, there could be differences in
> the contents of the AWL.

 I think this is probably the reason.  I've run well over a 1000 messages
through as user "gerry" calling SA 2.50 via procmail while your were
working on the SA/MS compatibility problem.  If I understand MailScanner
correctly it calls SA as user "root".  root won't have the history files
that have been developed by 2.50 for user gerry.  If this is the case
then the scores will start to converge shortly since I'm running the
messages through SA both as "gerry" and "root".

Have you customised the score of any rule? Does
> one version have auto-whitelisting enabled and one not? (Remember they
> will be using slightly different config files which will affect the
> operation and scores).

No, I've haven't changed any of the default scores and AWL is enabled for


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