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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Feb 26 15:26:45 GMT 2003

It *should* already do it if you have

# If this is "no", then (as far as possible) messages which have already
# been processed by another MailScanner server will not have the clean
# signature added to the message. This prevents messages getting many
# copies of the signature as they flow through your site.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Sign Messages Already Processed = no

It looks for the particular X-MailScanner header used at your site to work
out whether it has probably seen the message before or not. This can
obviously be faked, which is why it is only used to stop the signature
being added rather than anything more important than that.

So if you get a header that builds up like
         X-MailScanner: found to be clean, found to be clean, found to be clean
then you should only have 1 signature on the bottom of it.

At 15:24 26/02/2003, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a way of preventing mailscanner from signing clean
>messages which are in reply to messages signed previously?
>The reason I ask is we use the sign clean messages function to add a
>disclaimer and where a conversation takes place by repeatedly replying to
>an email you end up with a chain of disclaimers at the end.  [I know this
>isn't what its intended for, so this isn't a bug just a side effect of my
>Unless anyone can suggest a better solution I'm thinking I might create a
>CustomConfig option which scans the body for a particular string in the
>disclaimer (maybe a line of -+-+-+ or something!) to decide whether to
>sign the message.  Does anyone know if/how the body can be accessed from
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