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Daniel Bowen dbowen1 at MAC.COM
Tue Feb 25 15:36:18 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday, February 25, 2003, at 09:27AM, Julian Field <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:

>Can you try this little test please? Save this into a file and then run 
>perl with the filename.
>use FileHandle;
>$path = '2003 Southeast ächure - B&W.pdf';
>print "Path is $path\n";
>$IO = FileHandle->new(">$path") || die "write-open $path: $!";
>I just tried this on a MacOS X box and it worked. "uname -a" on this 
>machine said this:
>Darwin shaka 6.3 Darwin Kernel Version 6.3: Sat Dec 14 03:11:25 PST 2002; 
>root:xnu/xnu-344.23.obj~4/RELEASE_PPC  Power Macintosh powerpc
>Also, can you try changing the accented "a" to a normal plain "a" and put 
>the message in the incoming queue again to see if it gets processed happily 
>this time?
     I ran the filename testing perl script, and as you had seen there, it worked as follows:
Path is 2003 Southeast ächure - B&W.pdf
     However, when doing an 'ls -l' this is the result as viewed from my terminal:
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel    0 Feb 25 09:48 2003 Southeast a??chure - B&W.pdf

     'uname -a' returns the same:
Darwin mail.ortn.edu 6.3 Darwin Kernel Version 6.3: Sat Dec 14 03:11:25 PST 2002; root:xnu/xnu-344.23.obj~4/RELEASE_PPC  Power Macintosh powerpc

     I was unable to retrieve the aforementioned message, however I have saved a message from the past
     that elicits the same error.  I will post the error, the df, and the qf files, as well as attaching them,
     in case of strange 8bit characters:
Feb 25 10:11:57 mail MailScanner[10014]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 1621 bytes 
Feb 25 10:11:57 mail MailScanner[10014]: Spam Checks: Starting 
Feb 25 10:11:57 mail MailScanner[10014]: Cannot parse /private/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/10014/h1DI7EHl005264.header and , write-open /private/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/10014/h1DI7EHl005264/WinZip. - Download Page.url: Invalid argument at /Library/Perl/MIME/Body.pm line 414. 


S<bwallen at ortn.edu>
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RPFD:<bevelene at chartertn.net>
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	for <bevelene at chartertn.net>; Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:07:14 -0500 (EST)
H?x?Full-Name: Bevelene Wallen
H??From: "Bevelene Wallen" <bwallen at ortn.edu>
H??To: <bevelene at chartertn.net>
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