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Tue Feb 25 10:15:01 GMT 2003

At 04:56 25/02/2003, you wrote:
>Julian: Your stance is perfectly justified. But for you, users would have
>paid some Bill, Tom, Dick and Harry! Why not you instead for such selfless

Thankyou all for such kind comments!

The next obvious question is this: what kinds of support service are you
most likely to use?

The options so far are these (in no particular order):

1. Membership of private, closed, high-priority mailing list
2. Traditional annual support contract
3. Regular installation of new releases and updated anti-virus engines
4. Advice on configuration and installation, paid for as needed
5. Remote testing and inspection to ensure your setup looks sane and should
6. Out of hours support of all the types above (perhaps out-of-hours
installation of new releases?)
7. Support paid for per-incident, possibly paying for a block of time in
advance. How you use the time is up to you.

And any other options I haven't thought of?
Julian Field
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