Testing mailscanner, spamassassin & f-prot

Victor R. Cain vic at vicsfamily.net
Mon Feb 24 23:12:07 GMT 2003

I think that I have mailscanner, spamassassin & f-prot all set up correctly
but have not had much luck testing the system.

I have tried the virus test file eicar.com by itself, zip'ed, and double
zip'ed, attached to messages to myself.  My ISP's mail server traps and
disinfects eicar.com and the double zip'ed eicar.com.  It let the zip'ed
eicar.com through with no warnings.  F-prot did nothing with it either.

I can execute SpamAssassin's test files directly and they seem to work
the way they are supposed to.  I tried sending myself messages with the bodies
replaced by the two SA test files and neither was flagged as spam.

How do you test the overall system, especially when your ISP is doing
virus checking also?  Is there some way of generating complete fake
e-mail messages and putting them in the input queue for mailscanner to

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