SpamAssassin 2.50 Problems

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Sun Feb 23 21:32:19 GMT 2003

> >
> > System notes: freebsd 4.2, dual p2-350, 128k ram, and in case it
> > matters it's on a 58k link to the net.  Mailscanner version is 4.12-2.
> >
> Just as a follow up, the problem hasn't come up again.  I haven't had a
> huge flood of messages this evening, but I _am_ getting new messages
> without any load, network, or cpu spikes.

Just to add more data:  I'm running perl 5.8.0.   Also, right after I
did the SA upgrade, I killed mailscanner and restarted it (so that there
wouldn't be different versions of code running in mailscanner than the
/usr/share/spamassassin/* files or things like that).

(my hunch at the moment is that these might be rather important)

I have 4 questions for everyone who has tried to upgrade to SA 2.50:

did you install via perl -MCPAN or via make?

have you had ongoing cpu/load problems, just the problem at install time,
or no such problem at all?

are you running perl 5.8.0?  (I really thought they had said SA 2.50 was
going to require perl 5.8.0, but it seems like many people are running it
under older versions)

did you stop mailscanner during the upgrade, restart mailscanner immediately
after the upgrade, reboot immediately after the upgrade, or none of these?

(my own answers are "-MCPAN", "just at install time", "yes, 5.8.0", and
"restarted mailscanner immediately")

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