Spam-only HTML to text?

Bill Ostaski admin at COVE.COM
Sun Feb 23 20:53:05 GMT 2003

We recently upgraded to 4.12.-2; great job as usual, Julian!

I like the idea of being able to convert html messages to text - especially
the pornographic messages. Yet I don't see a way to limit the html-to-text
conversion to only those messages identified as spam.

MailScanner.conf provides a switch for messages containing <IFrame> and
<Object Codebase=...> and there is also a switch for converting ALL html
messages to text. I also see that you can substitute a rule based on users
and domains.

Is it possible to create a rule for converting only html messages
identified as spam to text? If so, how would we write that rule?

Bill Ostaski
Cove Communications

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