F-Prot Lock file error

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Feb 23 19:12:01 GMT 2003

At 18:37 23/02/2003, you wrote:
>I have looked for this one in the archives with no luck, so I hope someone
>knows the answer:
>/etc/mailscanner/autoupdate/f-prot   ran at 4:27 this morning and created a
>lock file: /tmp/FProtBusy.lock, containing:
>    Locking for updating FProt virus files by 20397
>   Unlocked after updateing FProt virus files by 20397
>Then later that day, I got this:
>   Cannot create /tmp/FProtBusy.lock,
>   Permission denied at /usr/share/mailscanner/logger.pl, line 64.
>/tmp/FProtBusy.lock was still there -- shouldn't the script have deleted it?

If you are using Exim or not running MailScanner as root, you may hit this
problem. You want to ensure that the user who runs the "autoupdate" script
is the same as the one that MailScanner is running as.

>I am running Debian "testing" which uses Mailscanner 3.27, Spamassassin 2.43,
>and the latest version of F-Prot (installed by a Debian installer).  Since
>installing all this, the mail delivery seems to work fine, at least I'm
>getting all the mail I expect in and the outgoing mail seems to go out like
>it should.  I don't really know how to test the spam and virus catching
>capabilities.  I'm unsure what other information might be pertinent.

There are a couple of files supplied with SpamAssassin,
"sample-nonspam.txt" and "sample-spam.txt". To get a test file for virus
checking, go to www.eicar.org.

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