[SAtalk] Re: SpamAssassin 2.50 Problems

John Rudd jrudd at ucsc.edu
Sun Feb 23 07:38:14 GMT 2003

On Friday, Feb 21, 2003, at 23:25 US/Pacific, Gerry Doris wrote:

> I upgraded from SA 2.44 to 2.50 tonight and have had nothing but 
> problems.
> MailScanner hits nearly 100% CPU utilization and just sits there until 
> SA
> is killed.
> I've had to go back to using SA 2.44 and everything is back to normal. 
>  Is
> anyone else seeing this?

I was just installing 2.50 via "perl -MCPAN -e shell", and during the 
"t/spamd_parallel" test, the load, network, and CPU utilization went 
through the roof (it was specifically stuck at test 14/20).  I suspect 
that it's somewhere in spamd that's the problem (and may only be 
something that comes up once, as someone else suggested).  As soon as 
that test was over (and it took a LONG time), everything went back to 

I'll have to wait and see if it keeps up.  I hope not, as I've been 
waiting for 2.50 for a while.

(I'm cc'ing sa-talk on this, in case they have any other insights)

System notes: freebsd 4.2, dual p2-350, 128k ram, and in case it 
matters it's on a 58k link to the net.  Mailscanner version is 4.12-2.


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