SpamAssassin 2.50 Problems

Steve Thomas lists at STHOMAS.NET
Sat Feb 22 21:23:23 GMT 2003

| I upgraded from SA 2.44 to 2.50 tonight and have had nothing
| but problems. MailScanner hits nearly 100% CPU utilization
| and just sits there until SA is killed.
| Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes! Hurrah - I'm not alone after all...

I have MailScanner installed on two machines - my personal server and our
mail server at my office. On my personal machine, I run SA (spamc) via
procmail, and at work I run it from MailScanner.

There haven't been any problems on my personal machine at all. We use a
custom MDA at work, which I wrapped in a perl script to run the messages
through spamc before delivery. I went back to the perl wrapper and
everything works - it only happens when using SA via MailScanner. Within a
minute or two, the load average gets pushed to 4-6, with the mail queues

Both machines are running Perl 5.6.1 on RH 7.2 with all applicable errata
updates applied.


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