SpamAssassin 2.50 Problems

Gerry Doris gerry at DORFAM.CA
Sat Feb 22 12:31:45 GMT 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Julian Field wrote:

> At 08:30 22/02/2003, you wrote:
> >Did the SA tests work correctly (spamassassin -t < test-spam.txt >
> >report.out)?? - I noticed that the first time I ran this it did take quite a
> >bit of time when compared to 2.43 although subsequent tests were fine (may
> >have been just a one-off though)...
> Just for info: I ran a test yesterday putting 600,000 messages through
> MailScanner running SA 2.50 to compare speed against previous versions, and
> there was no noticeable difference in speed (4.4 million messages per day).
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> Julian Field
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

I installed SA 2.50 using CPAN.  I've gone back and re-installed using the
SA 2.50 rpm's (wasn't sure how to force another CPAN install???).  That
still didn't stop MailScanner from using 100% CPU and then timing out SA.

I have now done a complete new MailScanner re-install.  Everything seems
to be working now.  I'm even calling SA after MailScanner using procmail
and all is well.

My guess is that CPAN messed up something with MailScanner???


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