Rules for Virus Scanning

System Administration rick at PRIS.CA
Fri Feb 21 21:06:16 GMT 2003

Hello All

I have recentley added a rule to the mailscanner config file telling it
that if mail comes from a certain IP address to not bother scanning it.
Upon checking the mail logs I have noticed the following error:
    Config Error: Cannot match against  destination IP address when
    resolving configuration option  "virusscan"

The mailscanner config file looks like this:
    Virus Scanning = /opt/MailScanner/etc/rules/viruscan.rules

The rules file contains the following:

FromTo:   no
FromTo:    no
FromTo:    no
FromTo:    no
FromTo:  no
FromTo:  no
FromTo:  no
FromTo: *       yes
FromTo: *    yes

When I don't use a ruleset, everything appears to work fine and I don't
receive any errors. However I need the ruleset to prevent the
Mailscanner from scanning the same piece of mail twice.

Another error I have noticed which does not have anything to do with the

above is the following:
    Global symbol "$file" requires explicit package name at (eval 496)
    line 1, <GEN1720> chunk 3.

Any and all help is most appreciated.

Thank you


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