sophos question

Steve Thomas lists at STHOMAS.NET
Fri Feb 21 18:33:48 GMT 2003

| MailScanner).  I'm considering purchasing Sophos for sitewide
| implementation, mainly on the basis of its connection to MailScanner.  Can
| anyone give advice on the features of Sophos in general, i.e. desktop
| performance, auto-updates, centralized management etc.?

Sophos rocks.

We've been using it at my office for about 18 months. I was using it with
amavis for most of that time, and just switched over to MailScanner last

As for client/server usage, it's fantastic. Installation onto desktops can
be done remotely, desktop updates are done automatically when the central
installation has been updated, it's FAST and it's reasonable when it comes
to CPU usage.

I dug around a little before choosing an A/V solution for our company, and
Sophos was the one that was consistantly getting the highest ratings for
ease of use, speed and accuracy in the various reviews I read. I endorse
those findings whole-heartedly.


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