sophos question

Bingham, Ryan ryanb at AACRAO.ORG
Fri Feb 21 17:49:47 GMT 2003

We've already used MailScanner (with great success) for anti-spam filtering
and are planning to start using it for anti-virus as well (to this point
we've been doing anti-virus on Exchange with Sybari's Antigen, which we'll
probably keep doing, but I'd like to shift the bulk of the work over to
MailScanner).  I'm considering purchasing Sophos for sitewide
implementation, mainly on the basis of its connection to MailScanner.  Can
anyone give advice on the features of Sophos in general, i.e. desktop
performance, auto-updates, centralized management etc.?

I'm prepared to go with Sophos the whole way (at least for a year), in order
to get the convenience of its integration with MailScanner and avoid having
to buy a separate product (Symantec) for server/desktop deployment.  In my
talks with the Sophos reps, I've mentioned that my main reason for even
looking at Sophos in the first place was MailScanner.  They seemed pretty
receptive to that idea and had only good things to say about MailScanner
(they also mentioned Amavis).  In my opinion they should give some credit
(or compensation!) to Julian for the increased attention to their software.


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