changing user and group

Mozzi linux at
Tue Feb 18 09:15:13 GMT 2003

I have the same problem here
either that or it seems to be running but doesn't pick up any messages from 
Here if I relay through the box it sends the message out but doesn't scan it, 
I know this as I can't see the footer it usually puts on.

Let us know what os and version you are using

Myne is
Redhat 7.3 all patches applied(up2date)
Self compiled perl 5.8.0
MailScanner Version 4.12-2 installed from tarball

Something I also picked up in the mailing list was someone had a problem that 
was running the Myles Acceleraid 170, I also have that smae card here running 
raid 5.
There was someone on the list earlier that had the same problem on a sun box 
if I remember correctly, did you fix it? How?

anybody else know of something?


On Tuesday 18 February 2003 05:20, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been playing around with changing the user and group that mailscanner
> runs as, I've changed the permissions of the queues and the incoming and
> quarantine directories to match, but mailscanner is still unhappy. It
> starts up fine without any errors, but once it's spawned the 5 child
> processes it kills them all off and then just sits there spawning and
> killing off a child processes in an endless loop, nothing gets processed
> either.
> So I was wondering what else I've missed.
> Cameron

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