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Hello all...

> S Mohan <smohan at> 17/02/03 00:27:43 >>>
>Another second. I used amavis. Had to change Getting it to
>scan outgoing mails involved a convoluted method of changing ports ...
>MailScanner is miles ahead and has so much flexibility built in that it
>is unbelievable.

Playing devil's advocate, and also as a current user of both amavis(d-new)
and MailScanner, I quite like both in different ways...

I'm also probably a bit historically biased because Amavis was the first system I
got working and also contributed a tiny bit of code to, but mainly I'm still using it
because the Postfix support is very good.

MTA holy wars belong somewhere else, but I never really liked Sendmail, and now
I've travelled down a road of learning Postfix (and didn't plump for Exim either), I have
to presently have Postfix on one box doing regexp checks on headers and body content,
RBL checks and sender address verification, and then to eventually have this pass over
to MailScanner with Sendmail.

It took me about half an hour or so to get MS working, so I have to hand it to Julian
that it's one clever piece of software... it's just a shame, perhaps that the MTA holy wars
ever existed and there wasn't one unified 'content filter' method that could be used regardless
of whether you were a Sendmail/Postfix/Exim/Qmail fan, and then MS could be truly 'agnostic'
in that regard.


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