Automating MailScanner.conf upgrades

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Sat Feb 15 23:13:24 GMT 2003


I was just about to send a freq for something like this.  :-)

What's the oldest version of mailscanner it'll work with?  At home I'm
still running 3.15, but at work I'm relatively current.

And, I'm assuming this makes room for having multiple current installs
of mailscanner?  For example, I tend to have multiple


laying around, and then /opt/mailscanner is a symlink to the current
production copy of mailscanner-$VER ... so when I install a new
mailscanner, I install it in a new /opt/mailscanner-$VER directory,
tinker with the config file (and then I'd like to test it, but there
seem to be too many things in the program that depend upon
non-version-specific paths), and then once I think it's ready for
production, I kill the existing mailscanner, re-build the symlink, and
then restart mailscanner.

This also means that if something breaks, I can fall back to the old

(the main wrinkle is that lately, mailscanner has started making more
and more assumptions about where things are ... like /opt/Mailscanner
instead of /opt/mailscanner ... rather than fix mailscanner (because it
IS wrong -- programs belong where I put them, not where someone else
assumed they would be), I've just been adding more and more
symlink-hell so that I don't have to track down each and every one of
these errors)

So, the question is: how well will this script work in my environment?

And, despite the complaint there about changing locations between
versions, I do greatly appreciate both Mailscanner and the creation of
this new upgrade tool.

On Saturday, Feb 15, 2003, at 05:46 US/Pacific, Julian Field wrote:

> The biggest pain in doing an upgrade of MailScanner is working out
> what has
> changed between your current MailScanner.conf and the new one.

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