Automating MailScanner.conf upgrades

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 15 13:46:14 GMT 2003

Morning all,

The biggest pain in doing an upgrade of MailScanner is working out what has
changed between your current MailScanner.conf and the new one.

So I have written a tool to help you do this. It will
- copy over all your old settings into the new file
- copy over all the comments you have added to settings
- add the default settings for all new settings
- delete obsolete settings
- print a summary of what it has done,
   including the settings that were added/removed

It is attached to this message. To find out how to use it, just run it and
it will tell you.

The only time it will run into trouble is when the supplied value for a
setting is commented out, and you have uncommented it. It can't tell the
difference between lines like that and normal comments. So Exim users beware!

It can't be perfect, but you should find it helps.
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Julian Field
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