Sophos and Corrupt Files (belated response)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Feb 14 21:06:25 GMT 2003

At 14:30 13/02/2003, you wrote:
>I'll start off with saying that we primarily run Amavis with Postfix here,

I'll let you off, but only this once... :-)

>Just a thing I noted from a recent discussion about amavis (which has split
>into three forks, and there is presently interesting arguing going on):
>| I'm using amavisd-new with Sophos Sweep as the scanner. Since sweep can
>| not scan inside password protected MS-Excel or MS-Word files, it returns a
>| code 2, causing amavisd to fail. It lets the parts in /var/amavis and the
>| e-mail remains in the defer queue of the MTA (postfix, in this case). But
>| mail is not delivered (!). Is there any way to avoid this?, another
>| scanner?.
> >Add status code 2 along with 0 to the success 'if' branch
> >(file ./amavis/av/sophos), or upgrade to amavisd-new-20021227-p2.
>So the basic bottom line is that sweep returns an error code of 2,
>'corrupt file',
>and both MailScanner and amavis have had to work around this.
>I've seen about 5 messages (a sudden burst) labelled as 'corrupt' today
>on our test MailScanner (Sophos 3.66 & McAffee) box... are the patches
>going to appear in a future MS release that might happen any time soon?

This will appear in the 1st March release. But I will mail the 3 patches to
you off-list as you appear to want them earlier.
Julian Field
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