Blacklist individual addresses

Willem Kuiters wkuiters at FREE.FR
Tue Feb 11 16:21:27 GMT 2003

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 03:42:03PM -0000, Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> > Hmmm, that's not realy what I want. Who knows what other junk
> > there may
> > be on the infected machine. I would like to block certain addresses
> > which I find sending us virusses regularly. They receive a
> > message that
> > they have been blacklisted for my domain and need to contact the
> > administrator should they want to use that address again to
> > send us mail
> > after they have cleaned the machine(s). It is basically to
> > spare me some
> > alerts.
> I think that's maybe not a good idea, given the number of viruses forging sender addresses these days you're likely to end up excluding genuine messages from people who are not infected - meaning that getting out of your blacklist is entirely out of their control.

Yes, I know that. My message is quite polite and taking this into

>If you are only worried about reducing the number of alerts why not just set up a
>rule in your mail client to move those messages you are not interested in to a
>different repository (/dev/null ?!).

Oh, yes. That's done. The messages don't get delivered anymore. By that
time the messages have already been scanned though, the virusses
quarantined etc. I just wanted to stop some of them even before they get
to my server.

>Also if you blacklist them you need to make sure they can still email you to
>tell you they are now clean - and you're also assuming that they know what they
>are doing & will be able to clean their machine to your satisfaction...

Yes, they can still mail me. As to knowing if they are able to clean
their machine, no I can't control that. But I can put them back on the
list ...

Thanks anyway, I'll think it all over once again.


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