Log question

Steve Barr steve at CGPSYSTEMS.COM
Sun Feb 9 02:54:45 GMT 2003

I have been looking through my mail logs and found something I don't
understand.  The following 5 lines are from /var/log/mail.info:

Feb  8 21:22:16 www MailScanner[20264]: New Batch: Found 6 messages waiting
Feb  8 21:22:16 www MailScanner[20264]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 4443
Feb  8 21:22:16 www MailScanner[20264]: Spam Checks: Starting
Feb  8 21:22:17 www MailScanner[20264]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
Feb  8 21:22:19 www MailScanner[20264]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages

MailScanner thinks it found 6 messages, scanned 1 and delivered 1.  When I
check my mail, I received 1 message.  Where did the other 5 messages go?
I'm not exactly sure when this started.  I scanned back though the logs, and
found a similar message on Feb 2nd.  I don't think I'm loosing messages,
because the message volume on the server hasn't changed.

I'm running MailScanner 4.11-1 on Debian Woody with Exim and Sophos.  

(steve at cgpsystems.com)

This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, 
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