MailScanner not adding headers

Nicholas Esborn nicholas_esborn at AFFYMETRIX.COM
Fri Feb 7 19:19:34 GMT 2003


I'm a newbie on this list.  I'm working on a MailScanner installation for
my employer.

I had MailScanner-4.11-1 working well on a RedHat 8.0 machine.  I recently
upgraded to 4.12-2, but now when mail goes through the system, MailScanner
never seems to apply any headers to the message.

It *will* modify the subject line if it detects SPAM or a virus, and it
will kill attachments containing viruses, but still no headers.

I merged in the changes to /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf by hand
when I upgraded.  I've looked at the diffs between my 4.11-1 config and
my merged 4.12-2 config, and compared my 4.12-2 to the stock 4.12-2, and
I can't see any "Don't Apply Headers" option or other obvious gaffe. :)

Anybody have any suggestions?  I'd greatly appreciate any pointers.



Nicholas Esborn
Affymetrix, Inc.


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