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Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Fri Feb 7 18:49:15 GMT 2003


I am hoping someone from the list can help mailscanner-mrtg questions that
I have.

1. The Graphs for Load Average and Server ethernet traffic don't represent
the true status of the server.  What (if any) config can we change. I am a
to MRTG so that's why I'm asking.

2. Is it easy to breakdown the number of spam (deleted, forwarded,
bounced, stored etc) within the MRTG reports?  Rather than just using the
reject=55 from maillog
(/etc/mail/access) ?

The server is a Dell Poweredge 2550 w/ Dual 933MHZ processors and 1GB

The link for reference is

Thank you

Matthew K Bowman
Systems Administrator; Hostmaster; Miva Administrator
Universal Digital Communications, Mansfield Ohio.
Email: mbowman at
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