3.x to 4.x Upgrade

Brandon Friedman brandonf at BFCONSULT.CO.ZA
Mon Feb 3 15:12:43 GMT 2003

Thanks Julian

I will setup the spare server later.....are there some FAQs on upgrading
to 4.x? What are the gotchas etc to look out for?

Brandon Friedman
ADT South Africa
E-mail: bfriedman at tycoint.com

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> >I have been running 3.x for quite sometime and it is running great.
> >
> >My only concern is that support for 3.x will be stopped shortly. Is
> >there an indication of when this will happen?
> I am only fixing urgent security issues in 3.x now. No new
> features will be added to it.
> >I understand that 4.x is the current stable new version
> etc.....but I
> >run 3.x on a production box and I can't afford too much downtime!
> The long bit of doing the upgrade depends on how much you
> have customised the setup for your site. You cannot just use
> the mailscanner.conf file from 3.x and try to run 4.x with
> it. You need to edit the MailScanner.conf for 4.x and include
> all your customisations. Note that some things like
> per-domain scanning control and spam white/black lists have
> changed a bit, you will need to read the contents of the
> /etc/MailScanner/rules directory to see what you need to understand.
> You will need to uninstall 3.x completely first, then install
> and customise 4.x.
> I advise you install 4.x on another machine so you can sort
> out all your customisations. Then the upgrade on your
> production server should only take a few minutes.
> If you get stuck and need some help, do ask!
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