ANNOUNCE: Version 4.12-1 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 1 14:00:44 GMT 2003

Hi folks!

I have just released version 4.12-1. There are quite a few improvements and
changes. The full ChangeLog is at the bottom of this message, but the
highlights are:

- "Hide Incoming Work Dir in Notices" configuration option
- "X-MailScanner-Information:" header to all messages
- "Notice Signature" configuration option
- "Allow Partial Messages" configuration option
- "Allow External Message Bodies" configuration option
- "Detailed Spam Report" configuration option
- Custom functions to implement per-domain spam whitelists and blacklists
- Support for the Kasperksy daemon scanner

Download as usual from
(and why not buy a T-shirt while you're there :-)

The full Change Log is

*New Features and Improvements*
- Added "Hide Incoming Work Dir in Notices" configuration option so you can
   hide the local paths from the system administrator notices, in case your
   system administrators are actually customers who you don't want to give
   more information than is strictly necessary.
- Added "X-MailScanner-Information:" header to all messages.
   You can of course switch this off.
- Added "Notice Signature" configuration option so you can change what
   signature appears on the bottom of administrator notices. This can of
   course also be a ruleset so you can change it for each message.
- Added "Allow Partial Messages" configuration option so you can disable
   the "partial message" check for some/all of your users.
- Added "Allow External Message Bodies" configuration option so you can
   stop the IETF whinging about their messages being broken by MailScanner :-)
- Added "Detailed Spam Report" option to allow sites to just use a simple
   "spam" or "not spam" header instead of the potentially confusing full
   detailed report.
- Added set of custom functions to implement per-domain spam whitelists and
   blacklists. See /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/
   for more information.
- Added support for the daemon scanner from Kaspersky. Will be quicker for
   small servers not processing much mail, especially when the code is
   actually being used in Dan's Guardian and not MailScanner :-)
- Added umask setting to handle SpamAssassin 2.50 resetting the umask
   all the time.
- Added Jeremy Evans' installation guide for OpenBSD.
- Improved SpamAssassin handling. After several timeouts it will disable
   SpamAssassin's RBL checks and keep trying to use it. If the timeouts
   continue to happen, then it will disable SpamAssassin completely until
   the next automatic restart.
- Improved RedHat init.d script to make graceful shutdown more likely.
- Improved error messages from sophos-autoupdate so it warns you that your
   Sophos installation may be too old.
- Improved Sophos parser so it correctly quarantines "corrupt" files.
- Updated all Swedish translations with ISO-8859 instead of UTF-8.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Changed umask in update_virus_scanners to work with Exim better.
- Filename rules improved to cope with ".txt .exe" as well as ".txt.exe"
   file-extension-hiding tactics.
- Filename rules improved to catch Outlook Express attacks relying on bugs
   in OE related to very long filenames. All very long filenames will now
   be banned.
- Improved errors produced when running with Exim and permissions/ownership
   of incoming work dir are wrong.

- Fixed Exim bug that was corrupting queues.
- Fixed variable-naming bug in AntiVir wrapper script.
- Fixed bug where duplicate copies of "notices" are sent where several
   "notices" recipients are given.
- Fixed bug where long-filename tests in filename.rules.conf would never
- Merged all the check_mailscanner scripts into one. Now needs to be built
   by autoconf.
- Fixed continuing problem with orphaned files being left in
- Fixed blank-subject-when-using-Exim bug.
- Stopped sendmaili 8.12.7 complaining about closed std file descriptors.
- Fixed filename rules problem with short+long filenames.
- Fixed bug causing SpamAssassin to miss some spam messages.
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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