MailScanner on Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 1 12:57:11 GMT 2003

At 22:55 31/01/2003, you wrote:
>      I would like to know if anyone else has installed, or has hints on
> installing MailScanner on Mac OS X, in particular, 10.2 Jaguar.  I have
> gotten it to work, mostly, though the startup seems kludgy, just the cron
> entry for check_mailscanner.

You will need to write your own init script or other startup script,
following whatever you can copy from existing application startups in Jaguar.

>   I followed the instructions for BSD as best as possible, though there
> is no rc.conf, so I'm not sure how much that will impact things.  Also,
> how have people dealt with starting sendmail, having no rc.conf, it's
> entry in /System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/ is what I've edited,
> though I'm not sure how well this will work out.  Has anyone made a
> startupitem out of MailScanner?  Also, I'm using clamav - though I can't
> say successfully, it all seems to be talking to eachother, though the
> viruses that are found aren't actually disinfected.  more on this in
> another post here.

See my other posting about this.
Julian Field
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