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Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at
Wed Dec 31 23:47:44 GMT 2003

On 28 Dec 2003 at 22:17, Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> never reload postfix, reload mailscanner.  You don't want to see standalone
> postfix instances wandering around. > > Just want to make sure, in conjunction
> with Mailscanner, > these modifcations > should be done for the outgoing
> postfix instance, correct? ie the > /etc/postfix dir ather than
> /etc/
> Have you read the faqs?

I've tried the directions as above for postfix, however any mail sent through
this server to internal mailserver doesn't get there, it gets rejected:

notes: mailscan is the hostname of this machine, is it natted behind a
sonicwall appliance, replaces the real domain name in the logs
below.  Sibbleh at is an exising account (and only uers
account other than root) on this relay box.

Harondel.J.Sibble at is an existing account on the internal
mailserver that mailscan relays to.  The mailscan box does not have an MX
record currently, just an A record as it is just in testing phase and which
is why I am emailing to username at rather than
username at

Dec 31 18:04:42 mailscan postfix/smtpd[5149]: 80D3E3FA7: reject: RCPT from[]: 450
<Harondel.J.Sibble at>: User unknown in local recipient
table; from=<help at> to=<Harondel.J.Sibble at>
proto=ESMTP helo=<>

However if mail is sent to a local account that exists on this relay box,
then all is good...

Dec 31 15:21:37 mailscan MailScanner[5542]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages
Dec 31 18:21:37 mailscan postfix/nqmgr[5528]: 428F46F58A:
from=<help at>, size=1607, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Dec 31 15:21:37 mailscan postfix/local[5557]: 428F46F58A:
to=<sibbleh at>, relay=local, delay=24, status=sent
("|/usr/bin/procmail -Y -a $DOMAIN")

The relevant lines from my /etc/postfix/

local_recipient_maps =
relay_domains =
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

the contents of transport are       smtp:nat ip address of internal mail server

The second problem is mail sent from the internal mailserver gets relayed
properly except for mail addressed to addresses. These get bounced
back by the relay box to the internal mail server with a 550 spam block

Any suggestions on where I should be looking to resolve these 2 issues?
Harondel J. Sibble
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