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Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Tue Dec 30 17:11:10 GMT 2003

El 30 Dec 2003 a las 10:52, Ugo Bellavance escribió:

> > Can I configure MailScanner so that it identifies & tags 
> > viruses but...
> > lets them pass?? (let's say something like "attachment deliver")
> As long as you have "deliver", it will pass, tagged.
But... where?
I don't see any "virus actions" that I can directly configure... only 
"spam actions", "high scoring spam actions" and "non spam actions"

"virus actions" and "non virus actions" would be orthogonal to those but 
there's no such thing... what I have is:
Virus Scanning= (which must be set to yes in order to do the actual 
and then:
Deliver Disinfected Files = 
Still Deliver Silent Viruses =
Allow Partial Messages =
Allow External Message Bodies =
Allow IFrame Tags =
Allow Form Tags =
Allow Object Codebase Tags =
Quarantine Infections =
Clean Header Value       = Found to be clean
Infected Header Value    = Found to be infected
Disinfected Header Value = Disinfected
Mark Infected Messages = 
Deliver Cleaned Messages = 
Warning Is Attachment = 

That is... I'd need something like

Clean Messages = no & attach
Disinfect Messages = no & attach
Allow Partial Messages = yes & attach
Allow External Message Bodies = yes & attach

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