MailScanner slow on my RaQ550 when I access Site or Server Admininstration via Browser...

usergroups usergroups at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Wed Dec 24 15:41:54 GMT 2003


I am currently running the following software versions on my Cobalt RaQ550
- mailscanner-4.14-9
- ClamAV version 0.60
- SpamAssassin version 2.55
- sendmail-8.11.6-1C7stackguard

Hardware Configuration
model name      : Pentium III (Coppermine)
cpu MHz         : 997.194
cache size      : 256 KB
RAM: 256 MB

As long as I don't access the Cobalt Admin GUI, my server works just fine...
However, the moment I try to login and add/remove users or sites........
BANG... my load average just shoots up to 6-10 and sometimes more.. And
ofcouse the GUI takes forever to display list of users and sites....

However, if I just kill sendmail and MailScanner (killall -9 sendmail ;
killall -9 MailScanner), the GUI loads up immediately and the load average
drops below 2 and I can work normally. The moment I'm done with adding and
removing users or sites, I restart MailScanner/Sendmail and I'm fine.

Any ideas how to fine tune MailScanner so that the load average does not
shoot up when accessing the Cobalt RaQ GUI?



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