HTML msg quarantined is warning mail instead of content

Jay Berkenbilt ejb at QL.ORG
Tue Dec 23 00:15:23 GMT 2003

> one of our users just requested the HTML contents of a mail that was
> filtered by MailScanner (4.25-11). Anyway, the file in the quarantine
> directory is not the content of the mail, but rather the mail that was sent
> out instead - the original content is lost. I have checked other HTML files
> that MailScanner removed from incoming mails - it seems like about half of
> all the files are the original content, whereas the other half is the
> warning mails instead.
> Has anybody else noticed this yet?

I noticed this behavior starting with the 4.23-11.  (I have not yet
upgraded past that.)  There should be something on the list archives
about that from near the release date of 4.23-11.  At the time, some
other people had noticed this as well, but others couldn't reproduce
it.  I had posted relevant portions of my configuration files but
never heard anything after that.  (I subscribe to the digest, so I
could easily have missed a followup -- no accusations intended.)

In any case, my workaround is to set "Quarantine Whole Message = yes"
in MailScanner.conf since that functionality still appears to be
working correctly.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb at>

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