detailed documentation for customconfig?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Dec 22 09:07:32 GMT 2003

At 21:45 21/12/2003, you wrote:
>Is there a HowTo or detailed documentation anywhere that gives examples
>of how to make the best use of the file?

It's all in the file, I'm afraid. It needs documenting
properly, but the commented example at the top of the file should get you

>I see that I can have per-domain whitelists and blacklists...which is
>great. Can I have per-user whitelists as well?

Yes, just name the directory after the full email address (in lower case)
instead of just the domain name.

>I would like to give my users the ability to log on to the system and
>make their own alterations to their whitelists, blacklists, and what
>they want done with spam and high-scoring spam.
>Is there any way for MailScanner to use mySQL for lists and rules? If
>so, then I could write a back-end Perl app that could pull up their
>current settings and let them make changes.

I believe at least one of the sets of functions in already
does this.
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