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Bart J. Smit mailscanner at SMITS.CO.UK
Sat Dec 20 11:34:52 GMT 2003

Thanks Pete,

How do I set up sendmail to only accept mail for a local mailbox from a set
of IP's?

E.g. I have spam at and
nospam at These mailboxes are only allowed to receive
mail from and

I'm sure it is much more efficient to block messages in sendmail but I find
MS much easier to configure.

Will the block encrypted/block unencrypted rules work as well?


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> Bart J. Smit wrote:
> > I would like to implement a feedback feature where users can send
> > false negatives and positives to a set of mailboxes, say spam and
> > nospam. These would be scanned by sa-learn every hour on a cron job.
> >
> > Of course it is far too easy for a spammer to submit their spam to
> > nospam at mailscanner <mailto:nospam at mailscanner> so I want to restrict
> > the IP addresses that can submit mail to that box to the mail servers
> > where my users are on.
> >
> > The MailScanner.conf doesn't seem to offer an option for blocking
> > messages in a ruleset. The closest I have seen is to block encrypted
> > and unencrypted messages on the same ruleset.
> >
> > Does this indeed block all messages? Is there perhaps an easier way to
> > do this in sendmail?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Bart...
> Tis the job of the MTA to accept or not accept mail based on IP or
> address, not mailscanner? Far more efficiant in your case where you will
> probably only want 1 or a small amount of subnets/sender domains to be
> able to send to it?
> What mail system your clients using?

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