Pete pete at eatathome.com.au
Fri Dec 19 09:22:49 GMT 2003

Erik Jakobsen wrote:

> Hi.
> I have a nicely running MailScanner now. I would want to implement the
> webmin module for MailScanner. It seems that its doen ok. MailScanner is
> visble in webmin, but it complains about etiher the MailScanner is not
> running or the module is not installed. Both thing are ok AFAIK.
> But maybe there's somethin with the path's mentioned in the doc for the
> module:
> The following module configuration examples should be tailored to suite
> your installation:
> Full path to MailScanner program = /usr/lib/MailScanner/
> Full path and filename of MailScanner config file =
> /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
> Full path to the MailScanner bin directory = /usr/sbin
> Full path and filename for the MailScanner pid file =
> /var/run/MailScanner.pid
> The following change should be made:
> "Command to start MailScanner" add "/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner start"
> (without the quotes) instead of just run server.
> How can I test the path's, and how should the line in the above look ?.
> --
> Med venlig hilsen - Best regards.
> Erik Jakobsen - eja at urbakken.dk.
> Licensed radioamateur with the callsign OZ4KK.
> SuSE Linux 8.2 Proff.
> Registered as user #319488 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org.
The path to your config is /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf and the bit
that talks about the command to start the server, leave that blank.

The webmin module isnt very usefull (IMO), i reckon your better off
grabbing the guide on Julian's site for MailScanner.conf and changing
the options manually. Post questions to list if you need help - this way
you will actually learn to administer the software. Just my opinion of
course as a newish user.

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