Erik Jakobsen eja at URBAKKEN.DK
Fri Dec 19 05:32:51 GMT 2003


I have a nicely running MailScanner now. I would want to implement the
webmin module for MailScanner. It seems that its doen ok. MailScanner is
visble in webmin, but it complains about etiher the MailScanner is not
running or the module is not installed. Both thing are ok AFAIK.

But maybe there's somethin with the path's mentioned in the doc for the

The following module configuration examples should be tailored to suite
your installation:
Full path to MailScanner program = /usr/lib/MailScanner/
Full path and filename of MailScanner config file =
Full path to the MailScanner bin directory = /usr/sbin
Full path and filename for the MailScanner pid file =

The following change should be made:
"Command to start MailScanner" add "/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner start"
(without the quotes) instead of just run server.

How can I test the path's, and how should the line in the above look ?.

Med venlig hilsen - Best regards.
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