SpamAssassin installation could not be found

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Dec 18 17:10:36 GMT 2003


> spamassassin-2.61-1.i386.rpm
> spamassassin-tools-2.61-1.i386.rpm
> perl-Mail-SpamAssassin-2.61-1.i386.rpm
> We are able to start and stop the spamassassin module.
> Next, we install MailScanner, performed the disableing of sendmail and fired
> up MailScanner.  So far, so good.
> Next, we changed the setting in MailScanner.conf to use spamassassin.  After
> starting up MailScanner, we get this in the /var/log/maillog:

Once more.

Rebuild the SA RPMs from SRPM or install via CPAN. The plain RPM is known
to cause trouble.


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