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At 19:05 16/12/2003, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>At 13:49 11/12/2003, you wrote:
>>>>>For docs on MCP, see
>>>>I will have a look at this - Julian, have you got patches for SA 2.61
>>>>yet? (The page says to ask for patches for new versions of SA!! ;-)
>>They are there now.
>>>>(Also, btw, there are still some references to TCP rather than MCP in
>>>>that page.)
>Apart from the HTML Page title!! ;-)
>Had a bit of a play with this but got a bit stuck. Changed some of the
>conf entries on the web page which looked promising. Thought changing
>MCP Checks from no to yes would be a good start! ;-) Bit puzzled though
>now about what MS does if something fails the MCP tests. Tried
>MCP Actions = store
>High Scoring MCP Actions = store
>but that seemed to hit the bit-bucket? Tried using deliver instead and
>that got through with the extra headers so it's working. With deliver,
>the log noted that it was to be delivered, but with store - nothing in
>the log.

Looks like the MCP quarantining doesn't work. I need to spend a few hours
on the MCP code applying any/all of the changes I have made to the SA and
Message code.
Watch this space...

>Wasn't sure what the Is Definitely stuff and the Report things were
>about though...? I guess the defaults in your examples follow the usual
>protocol of playing safe and not activating things without the user
>wanting them. Trouble is I want to and haven't worked out how yet!!!
>Sorry if I'm being thick!

You're not being thick. I never got as far as writing any MCP docs at all,
I wanted to get it working first, but haven't touched it in quite a while.

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