[OT] RDNS (TO: Res - ausics.net)

Ivan Mirisola ivan at NUCCI.COM.BR
Tue Dec 16 14:22:18 GMT 2003

Hi Res,

Sorry to post this message to the mailing list, but I couldn't?t send
you e-mail because I think my SMTP has been blocked in yours. I asked to
my ISP to fix the RDNS problem and now I do have a PTR record for my IP.
Anyway - Could you check that my DNS configuration is correct and remove
the blocking of my IP in your systems?

Also, I like to know if anyone knows a free DNSBL list for dynamic IPs
that I can use in sendmail. Most of them are payed services and the
exchange ratio here in Brazil is 1:3, so it gets sort of expensive to
the company I work for.


Res wrote:

>Hi Ivan,
>On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Ivan Mirisola wrote:
>>fact reject mail based on RDNS we are just forcing those who have a
>>bronken DNS configuration to fix their RR records, that?s all.
>The vast majority of spam in this region comes from Asia/Europe, and the
>majority of them have no PTR, our spam levels dropped like you'd never believe
>when we implimented these checks.
>However the use of a DNSBL that checks for residential IP/Hostname
>groups would be advantageous to you.
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>Postmaster / Abusemaster / Flamemaster
>http://www.ausics.net  Australian Hosting Services

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