MailScanner/SpamAssassin on RaQ3; help?!

DNSAdmin dnsadmin at 1BIGTHINK.COM
Mon Dec 15 15:45:09 GMT 2003

Hello All,

I have MailScanner and SpamAssassin installed on a RaQ3 and performing
okay, believe it or not! It was a very complicated install.

It took me a week to figure out how it was working even with some
background, but still don't know how to tweak it the way I want.

The problem is that I cannot get SpamAssassin to work except for plugging
it in through a procmailrc script:

         * < 256000
         | spamc

This script forces mail through spamc which connects to the spamd daemno in
performing my spam checks.

However, this setup does not allow for any global configurations through
the MailScanner facility. All my configuration options have to be set at
the user account level in ~*/.spamassassin/user_prefs.

Ultimately, I would like to affect global configurations at the MailScanner
level and then override configurations on individual accounts at

I'm sure this is probably specific to the Cobalt OS. Can anyone help?

Glenn Parsons

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