Linux Exchange Server

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Mon Dec 15 00:57:28 GMT 2003

There is the external connector license.  But it sounds like that
probably wouldn't apply to your situation.  Impossible to say without
knowing anything about your scenario.

I think one of the best ways I've heard someone justify the cost of
Exchange is, "When your paying your employee $x0,000 a year, another $50
to make them productive isn't a big deal."

Hope I didn't start an Exchange/Anti-Exchange flame war. 

Steve Evans
SDSU Foundation

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Sure.  :-)  I think it's easily half the list price when you get into
any serious volume, but it's still based on a hard-count of devices or
users.  Some larger clients have expressed interest in concurrent (or
unlimited...) license models, so we're looking into alternatives.

Anyhow, thanks for the responses.


At 07:31 PM 12/14/2003, you wrote:
>I'm assuming you've done more research on the price of the CAL's than 
>the Microsoft Exchange website?  I don't anyone pays the $67 list
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