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> > If I do
> > kill `/usr/sbin/check_mailscanner`
> > will this cause a problem with mail that it is currently working on ?
>This will not work. Mail will still be received but since MailScanner is not
>running, this mail will just pile up in the incoming mail queue. It will not
>be processed, delivered or relayed.

In the MailScanner.conf file, there is a definition "PID file" which is the
name of the file that holds the main PID. Kill that process and give it 10
to 15 seconds to shut down tidily, at the end of which there should be no
MailScanner processes running.

However, as Steve says, the incoming and outgoing sendmails will still be
running, so your system is still accepting mail but doing nothing with it.
So it will just collect in the and will not be delivered.

If you want to stop MailScanner and start your original mail configuration
so that mail is still delivered, but not scanned, then
         service MailScanner stop
         sleep 15
         service sendmail start
         mv /var/spool/* /var/spool/mqueue

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