RBL defluglery...

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Fri Dec 12 21:12:32 GMT 2003

I have a couple RBLs in the MailScanner.conf and they caught some non-spam
the other day.  bl.spamcop.net had blacklisted a server at a local
architect's firm, and ORDB dinged another outfit down in Washington.  Turns
out that the local firm has been an open relay for the past 26 days, and the
other was listed as an open relay a couple years ago and apparently never
cleared.  Probably a fly-by-night that did their spamming then moved on and
didn't care, leaving a tainted IP address block behind.

For some reason, the senders of the message were never notified that they
had been RBLed.  Bummer.  Spam action is forward to "Alphonse Spamdog" on
our internal server, and delete.  I thought that the RBLed messages would
generate a notice to the sender.  What/where do I set that?  We caught one
via glancing at the messages in the Alphonse inbox, and the other because an
internal user complained.  I sure don't want to send "you're blocked"
messages to normal spammers, but it seems like it's important to send RBL
notifications to hapless legitimate users who's servers are open so they can
do a beat-up on their mail administrators to close them...

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