cpu utilization

Kearney, Rob RKearney at AZERTY.COM
Fri Dec 12 20:08:46 GMT 2003

you can use nice or renice..

renice will "renice" a process that is currently running

nice will set the nice value of a command you specify .

i.e. nice -20 /usr/sbin/MailScanner
        will give it the highest priority
     nice 19 /usr/sbin/MailScanner
         will give it the lowest priority

check the man pages out.
you may also only need 1 worker, so setting Max Children to 1 might not bge
a bad idea.


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From: Robin M. [mailto:robin at PRIMUS.CA]
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Subject: cpu utilization

Is there any way to set the nice value of MailScanner processes. I notice
that when it runs top reports that MailScanner uses 99% of the cpu. I have
a small mailserver which only does about 2000 messages per 24 hours. I
currently have set the
Queue Scan Interval = 60
Max Children = 4

The box is a powerful dual Xeon 3gigs RAM but has a very busy
mod_perl/mysql website on it as well

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