Blacklist file changes getting removed by something

Brian Wells brian at SOLUSCORP.COM
Thu Dec 11 03:50:28 GMT 2003

Yes, check_mailscanner runs at the time that the files are being changed.
Then I guess my question is why is check_mailscanner replacing my
blacklist.rules file?

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Subject: Re: Blacklist file changes getting removed by something

> On Wednesday 10 December 2003 8:37 am, Brian Wells wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Much to my annoyance, I noticed after I had entered by hand a bunch of
> > hosts to my blacklist file, that my changes had been removed and a new
> > blacklist file was in place.  Looking at the timestamp on the file, it
> > getting replaced once an hour.
> >
> > I searched quite a bit for an explanation for this behaviour.  Something
> > like the auto whitelist feature except for the blacklist file.  But I
> > not find anything.  Does anyone have an explanation for this and how to
> > turn it off?
> Does the timestamp on the file coincide with any cron jobs you have
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