Effort to manage MailScanner

Pete pete at eatathome.com.au
Wed Dec 10 21:36:05 GMT 2003

Sorry i couldnt think of a better subject heading.

I have had MS running now for a full month and it appears to be working
perfectly - in our ORg we cannot be too agressive as false positives
would a lot of criticsm, so i have used almost defaults settings, but we
get no UCEs delivered to staff or students and have had only one false
positive so far.

We have 600-700 mail accounts but only recieve 1500 emails a day %30
being spam.

I have noticed on these forums a lot of people spending a lot of time
changing settings, adding RBLs, upgrading every new release or beta and
i wanted to know what benifits these folks recieves vs thier effort -
its starting to make me feel like i shouold be upgrading to latest too -
except i dont want to have my head buried in MS config every day for the
next month - i thought this and install, config and forget type system,
which is how i have been treating it (though i check quarrantine daily
at the momment), are you guys getting some benifit that i am not, or is
because you ahve far greater volumes of mail that you get more spam
through MS aqnd have to work harder to stop it?

I suppose its my cautious, no downtime nature that keeps us a few
versions behind with alsmot all of my systems...

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