Slackware 9.1, Postfix, and MailScanner

Pete pete at
Wed Dec 10 21:22:25 GMT 2003

Collins, Kevin wrote:

>>I am no expert - but it looks like you are sending mail from
>>the local machine - mailscanner wont be scanning this mail -
>>get a mail client on another machine, make the outbound SMTP
>>addy your mailscanner machine and send your new mail - have a
>>tail -f /var/yourlogfilepath console running to watch what happens.
>Thanks for replying.  Yes you're right, I was sending from the local
>machine.  I was not aware that MailScanner wouldn't scan e-mails when
>delivered this way - you live and learn.
>So I set up a machine on my LAN that uses "Freedom" (my new MS Box) as an
>SMTP host, and I've been able to verify that MailScanner is actually
>Thanks for your help.
So Glad i was able to help - have recieved so much help from folks on
here and really happy i was able assist some one else :)


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