Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Dec 10 19:49:12 GMT 2003

At 01:33 PM 12/10/2003, Jon Fraley wrote:
>Or, is it best to move all our stuff in to

Don't bother.

>Do the setting in MailScanner.conf override what is in  I have
>gone through MailScanner.conf and am not sure exactly what needs to be

No, spam.assassin.prefs.conf replaces your user_prefs file, it does not

Personally I do most of my custom work at the user_prefs level, not the level.

I like to use a non-prived users "user_prefs" file as a test-case for

I make my edits to the user_prefs file, then run spamassassin --lint to
make sure it runs clean, then do some test emails through the command-line
tool. After I'm satisfied the tweaks work as expected, I su and copy that
user_prefs over top of my spam.assassin.prefs.conf, and restart MailScanner.

This gives me a great amount of "test and try" flexibility, but I do have
to keep to the pattern, if I edit spam.assassin.prefs.conf directly, I then
have to back-port those changes to the unprived user's user_prefs file..
but why would I ever want to load an untested conf file?? :)

Since MS uses SA directly, it's not subject to the "no rules in user_prefs"
restrictions imposed by spamd/spamc, so you can do custom rules this way.
It also always uses the same user_prefs file, so provided it's only root
writable, it's not a security concern.

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